I am an award-winning writer, editor, and designer with experience in content strategy, information architecture, e-learning development,  user experience (UX), learner experience (LX), and curriculum design. In my 20+ years of industry experience, I have analyzed the needs of target audiences and designed, developed, and delivered products that support knowledge acquisition, knowledge sharing, and end-user performance. I have successfully managed large and small teams, and I have created, grown, and supported online communities of practices. One of my strongest skills is that of a change agent. I have the ability to produce high-quality communications and educational deliverables, and I possess excellent online facilitation and collaboration skills. In addition, I have experience with numerous technologies and methodologies.


I understand that we all have different skills, comfort levels,  backgrounds,  biases, learning styles, and limitations.  I appreciate and embrace these differences. I also seek to ensure that these differences are identified, acknowledged, and addressed.  Having and understanding the importance of empathy has served me very well in my career. One of my strongest skills is my ability to share information in a way that best meets my audience’s needs, which sometimes goes against my personal preferences.  For example,  I am a high-functioning introvert, which means I secretly struggle with face-to-face interactions, but I understand the importance and need for these types of interactions in specific situations. Every situation and every audience is different and those differences need to be understood and considered.


I understand the importance and value of visibility for myself, for my clients, and for organizations that I support. The following accolades and awards were not end goals. They were achieved as part of an effort to serve and benefit others.

The following are examples of awards received for client deliverables. The original purpose of submitting entries into competitions was to receive peer feedback. The intent was to use this feedback to improve the quality of the deliverable. Receiving recognition from my peers was unexpected, but greatly appreciated:

Client Awards

  • 2004 Society for Technical Communication Writing Competition – Best of Show Award for Aspen PIMSEE Help
  • 2004 Society for Technical Communication Writing Competition – Award of Distinguished  for Aspen MapBuilder Help
  • 2005 Society for Technical Communication Writing Competition – Award of Excellence for Aspen Report Writer Help
  • 2006 Society for Technical Communication Writing Competition – Award of Excellence for Aspen MBO Help
  • 2011 Brandon Hall organization – Silver medal for BP Petrophysics Advanced Development Program

Service Awards

Industry Awards

Presentation/Teaching/Training Events

  • SAP ERP Training (FI, PM) – Multiple Clients
  • DQTI  (Delivering Quality Technical Information) – Schlumberger
  • DQTI (Delivering Quality Technical Information) –  Westside Engineering Geosciences Academy
  • Developing Award-winning Online Content – Schlumberger
  • Developing Award-winning Online Content – BP
  • Developing Award-winning Online Content – University of Houston
  • Introduction to Data Visualization – STC Houston Members

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Visit my LinkedIn profile (http://www.linkedin.com/in/ywsanchez) for a complete list of references and personal recommendations, and feel free to follow me on Twitter @ywsanchez.